Cleveland Creations

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for websites, hosting,
and video production

Website Design
Our websites are custom designs based on information and answers provided by the client. Prices vary depending on the quantity and source of images and information. Our design is complete when the client is happy.
estimate: $795.00
One Stop Website
Cleveland Creations will create and register the domain name for your website, design your website, host it for a year, submit it to search engines, redirect your email - with no hassle to you... it's that easy.
estimate: $945.00
Hosting & Domain
We use third party hosting and charge a flat annual rate which includes domain name renewal.Putting your website out there for the world to see takes about 36 hours. After that, updates take effect instantaneously.
annual rate: $150.00
Updates, extras
We can update your website to keep current information. You may want extras such as onsite photography. We charge an hourly rate that is billed by the quarter hour.
hourly rate: $40.00
DVD Production
We can video and edit your event or idea. We can provide artwork and packaging to provide you with a DVD or videotape ready to sell. We can help you well your product on a website.
estimate: call or email

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